Repaying a Debt of Gratitude for Hometown President Lin, Representing the Shanwei Chamber of Commerce,Ledthe Delegation to Sympathize and Provide1 Million Yuan asDisaster Relief for Hometown
release time:2018-09-30

To think of thesource of getting rich is the reason why to repay a debt of gratitude for hometown.The company President Lin, along with his delegation,went back to his hometown(Shanwei) on the honor of president in the Shanwei Chamber of Commerce (ZhuhaiCity) on September 21st, 2018.President Lin donated 1 Million yuanfor folks in the stricken area.

▲ Yu Xiqun (the secondfrom left), member of the CPC Shanwei Municipal Committee, had an interviewwith President Lin.

▲ Liu Xiaojing, vice-chairman of theShanwei Political Consultative Conference, had an interview with President Linand his delegation.

Concerning About Shanwei, and Going BackHome out of Love.
President Lin, a practitioner of the new-era charity, was warmly welcomed andhighly appreciated by Shi Qizhu (Secretary of the Municipal [Shanwei] Committeeof the CPC), Yu Xiqun (member of the CPC Shanwei Municipal Committee), LiuXiaojing (vice-chairman of the Shanwei Political Consultative Conference), andso forth.

▲ The Donation Ceremony President Lin presents the invitation to leaders.

It is reported that the establishmentcelebration ceremony of Shanwei Chamber of Commerce (Zhuhai City) will be solemnlyheldin Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel on October 17th, 2018. Atpresent, all preparative arrangements for the ceremony are being proceeded in asmooth and orderly manner. President Lin has presented the Invitation to all leaders from Shanwei Citywho are involved in thiseventso as to promote the ceremony to be proceeded smoothly and concludedsuccessfully. 

▲ President Lin presents the invitation to leaders.