Report about the 122nd Canton Fair(JPE news)
release time:2017-10-25

Golden autumn inOct, products are valued in China, millions of businessmen are warmly welcometo the fair and business is made globally.

The first phase ofthe 122nd China import and export Commodities Fair is held from Oct,15th to Oct, 19th in Guangzhou. As the classical export enterprise and oldbrand enterprise of the Canton Fair, the delegation of Jinpin ElectronicLimited Company of Zhuhai S.E.Zleading by its president Mr.Lin Zuwu, broughtits variety of intelligent LCD TV, laser TV, mobile communication equipments,small household electrical appliances, and health care products to participatein the fair.

Jin Pin Electroniccontinued the previous simple and exquisite style for the design of the booththis time, based on its original style Jin Pin used a lot of its LOGO maincolor China Red element in the design, together with full sense of science andtechnology products display, which reflects the global strategy that Jin Pin isestablished at China manufacturing and pursuit of science and technology as theleader. The booth of Jin Pin Electronic was highly praised by most of the businessmen.

To make friendswidely and meet with the old friends, number of businessmen visited the boothof Jin Pin and exchanged their thinking continuously during these five daysexhibition. The new and old businessmen were extremely interested in most ofour new products displayed this time, which including UHD laser television for160 inch most, electric wine aerator decanting the wine aroma within 30seconds, ferment garlic machine and series of toaster oven, blenders and coffeemachines and etc. Jin Pin showed its strong ability on R&D and designperfectly at the platform of the marketing again.


As an excellentprivate and export trade enterprise in Zhuhai, Jin Pin Electronic also felt theencouragement and care from the government and kinds of chamber of commerceduring the fair. On Oct, 15th, the first day of the Fair, leading by Ms. Luxiaofeng, the deputy mayor of Zhuhai, the delegation of Zhuhai from the municipal commercial affairs bureau and import andExport Chamber of Commerce came to the booth of Jin Pin, talked with the representativeof the enterprise to know the exhibition situation and express the encourage toJin Pin. On Oct, 19th, the leaders of China Chamber of Commerce for import andexport of electromechanical products, leading by Guo kui long, deputy secretary, came to the boothof Jin Pin for visit and proposed its valued suggestion about the global tradepromotion for the enterprises.


As China's oldest,most influential, strongest brand of import and Export Commodities Fair, CantonFair is not only the stage for a number of enterprises, but also it is theplatform to display Chinese creation and manufacturing efficiently . As amember of Chinese manufacturing, Jinpin electronic will continue to improve itsability of R & D and manufacturing, insisting on focusing on the customers,searching for the customer demand, improve the satisfaction of customers.

We believe in thenear future, “Jin Pin Electronic, share with the global” will be the name cardof China manufacturing.