JPE participated in the Golden Bay Area 2017 Safety Production Monthly Knowledge Contest
release time:2017-08-07

     In order to strengthen the staff safety training, to further improve the safety awareness of employees, to inspire and educate employees to abide by the rules and regulations, cherish life, and further reinforce the safety foundation, according to "2017 annual" safety production month "program of activities" to carry out the "safe production month" activities in 2017, , In the Bay Area Safety Production Supervision and the Golden Bay District Federation of Trade Unions jointly organized by the 2017 "safety production month" safety production knowledge contest, our leadership attaches great importance to the various departments to participate actively, the staff actively involved, successively There are 700 employees submitted a response, there are 12 employees were rated as excellent gold Bay, reward Arctic velvet summer is one per person.

     Through the competition, to achieve the purpose of examinations, contribute to the consolidation of security knowledge, to lay the foundation for the construction of intrinsically safe enterprises.

The picture shows the winning staff