Jinpin electrical appliances to participate in "the 121th Canton Fair"
release time:2017-05-25

Held in the third session of the 121st Canton Fair, the city's 176 exhibitors, the total number of 576 booths, of which the first phase of 109 exhibitors, booth 276.

 Reporters visited the city, a number of exhibitors with new products debut this session of the Canton Fair, attracting the attention of many foreign businessmen. Among them, the JPE on display at the Canton Fair does not need to plug the "battery TV", TV computer one machine, borderless ultra-thin TV and other new products.

 Exhibition has just opened, the company's booth to usher in a number of foreign businessmen to discuss business. Company sales director Chen Hyun-chung told reporters last year, about 400 million sets of electrical appliances export TV, in the national television exports ranked ninth. "In the first quarter of this year, the company's exports grew by nearly 7%, to achieve" good start "in the off-season is not easy to be expected throughout the year will have more than 30% growth.