JinPin Electrical Company Ltd. Zhuhai S.E.Z.


Jin Pin Electrical CO., Ltd. Zhuhai S.E.Z. since its establishment in 1994 in romantic Zhuhai, which sprawlsover 65.9 acres, one of largest television exporters in China, awarded as “GuangdongProvince Top 500 Manufacturers”. Now, Jin Pin form a complete industry chainranging from smart television, commercial display, smarthousehold appliances, smart projector etc. and develops as a superiortechnology research, production and sales corporation.

Jin Pinentrepreneurial sharing platform is an international platform aimed at globalsales. Through intensive management, it comprehensively improves the automationand intelligence level of office and production systems. With technologydevelopment as the core, it vigorously introduces R&D talents, optimizestalent allocation, and enhances product competitiveness to create a newhighland of foreign trade with aggregated support, enterprise, and talents.

Jin Pin keeps up with time topromote the integrated development of shared innovation and foreign tradeindustry and transform the traditional foreign trade model of the manufacturingindustry, making every effort to create a Jin Pin entrepreneurial sharingplatform. The platform solves the pain point of “high cost and low efficiency”in the manufacturing industry. Empowered by sharing, the effective flow ofresources can be realized through shared plant equipment, logisticswarehousing, procurement and sales, R&D design, human resources and more.With lower operating costs, higher manufacturing efficiency, faster deliverytime, and wider market space, selling its products to more than 100 countriesand regions including Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East andOceania.

In the philosophy of “trust,cooperation, share,all-win”, Jin Pin entrepreneurial sharing platform createsfour core competitions in innovation, cost, quality and efficiency, which aggregatedsupport, enterprise, and talents to strength production ability, build a globallevel shared platform and promote regional economic development.